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As well as being a wonderful relaxing way to pamper yourself and provide much needed relief for tired, aching feet, Foot Reflexology has its benefits to our overall health as well, being based on the theory that certain areas of the feet correlate with certain areas and organs within the whole body.   Pressure is applied to various points all over the feet, which stimulates blood flow within the feet and this movement of energy then enhances the body’s natural self-healing ability throughout the whole body.

A Foot Reflexology session involves the removal of the shoes and socks only. Firstly, the feet are washed in warm water, after which the feet are assessed. All are welcome for Reflexology; for any tense or hard areas, or swollen, congested areas, and the practitioner will look out for any rashes, plantar warts, or open lesions in which case gloves will be worn and extra care will be taken so as not to cause any discomfort.

Pip can incorporate a special Chakra Reflexology Foot Massage with consultations.Whilst Foot Reflexology should not be considered a cure for disease, it can be a useful adjunctive treatment for any illness, acute or chronic, by providing relaxation to the mind and supporting the body’s own natural ability to heal.

Come on, book in a follow up appointment with Pip and try our Chakra Foot Reflexology treatment with our feet specialists on 08 8941 0810!

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